National Criminal Justice Associations

Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
Address: 7339A Hanover Parkway, Greenbelt, Maryland 20770
Phone: 301-446-6300 or 800-757-ACJS

American Academy of Forensic Sciences
American Association Of State Troopers
American Correctional Association
American Jail Association
American Probation and Parole Association
Association of Legal Assistants
Association of Retired Police Officers
Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
Central Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
International Association of Crime Analysts
International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts
International Association of Women Police
International Community Corrections Association
International Latino Gang Investigators Association
International Police Association
Midwest Gang Investigators Association
Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association
National Alliance of Gang Investigators Associations
National Association of Police Organizations
National Black Police Association
National Criminal Justice Association
National Organization for Victim Assistance
National Police Canine Association
National Sheriffs’ Association
State Troopers Fraternal Association: STFA
Southern Criminal Justice Association
Southern States Police Benevolent Association
The International Association of Chiefs of Police
The American Society of Criminology
The National Association of Blacks in Criminal Justice
United States Police Canine Association
Northern Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association


Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police
Alabama Association of Paralegals, Inc.
Alabama Corrections Officers Association
Alabama Gang Investigators Association
Alabama Narcotic Officers Association
Alabama Peace Officers Association
Alabama Police Trainers’ Association
Alabama State Trooper Association
Alabama Sheriffs Association
North Alabama Chiefs of Police


Alaska Association of Chiefs of Police, Inc.
Alaska Association of Paralegals
Alaska Correctional Officers Association
Alaska Peace Officers Association


ALECA (Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association)
Arizona Association of Chiefs of Police
Arizona Association of Crime Analysts
Arizona Corrections Association (ACA)
Arizona Gang Investigators Association
Arizona Narcotic Officers Association
Arizona National Latino Peace Officers Association
Arizona Paralegal Association
Arizona Police Association
Arizona Sheriff’s Association
Arizona State Troopers Association
Flagstaff Law Enforcement Association
Glendale Law Enforcement Association
Northern Arizona Law Enforcement Association
Mesa Police Association
Phoenix Law Enforcement Association
Police Officers of Scottsdale Association


Arkansas Association of Chiefs of Police
Arkansas Municipal Police Association
Arkansas Paralegal Association
Arkansas Sheriffs’ Association
Arkansas State Police Association
Arkansas Tactical Officers Association


Berkeley Police Association
Butte County Correctional Officers Association
California Alliance of Paralegal Associations
California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association
California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations
California Correctional Peace Officers Association
California Gang Investigator’s Association
California Narcotic Canine Association
California Peace Officers Association
California Police Chiefs Association
California State Sheriffs’ Association
California Statewide Law Enforcement Association
Riverside Police Officers’ Association
Retired Peace Officers Association of California
San Rafael Police Association


Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police
Colorado Crime Analysis Association
Colorado Police Canine Association
Colorado Police Protective Association
Denver Police Foundation
Colorado Springs Police Protective Association
County Sheriffs Of Colorado


Central Connecticut Paralegal Association
Connecticut Gang Investigators Association
Connecticut Police Chiefs Association
Connecticut State Police Union
C.P.W.D.A. (Connecticut Police Work Dog Association)
Police Association of Connecticut
Police Officers Association of Connecticut


Correctional Officers Association of Delaware
Delaware Association of Police
Delaware Correctional Officers Association
Delaware Police Chiefs’ Council
Delaware State Troopers Association
Delaware Paralegal Association


Florida Association of State Troopers | FAST Inc.
Florida Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association, Inc.
Florida Gang Investigators Association
Florida Law Enforcement Canine Association
Florida Police Benevolent Association
Florida Police Chiefs Association
Florida Sheriffs Association
Paralegal Association of Florida
The Florida Police and Troopers Association (FPTA)


Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police
Georgia Association of Paralegals
Georgia Gang Investigators Association
Georgia Narcotics Officers’ Association
Georgia Police Accreditation Coalition
Georgia Sheriffs’ Association
Georgia Tactical Officers Association
Peace Officers Association of GA


Hawaii Joint Police Association
Hawaii Paralegal Association
HPRA – Honolulu Police Relief Association
Honolulu Police Community Foundation
SHOPO Hawaii – State of Hawaii Police Officers


Idaho Association of Paralegals
Idaho Chiefs of Police Association
Idaho Peace Officers Association
Idaho Police Canine Association
Idaho Sheriffs Association
Idaho State Police Association


Crime Analysts of Illinois Association, NFP
Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police
Illinois Correctional Association
Illinois Drug Enforcement Officers Association
Illinois Paralegal Association
Illinois Police Association
Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association
Illinois Sheriffs’ Association
Retired State Police – Association of Illinois
The Italian American Police Association of Illinois


Indiana Drug Enforcement Association
Indiana Paralegal Association, Inc.
Indiana Police Officers Association
Indiana Sheriff’s Association
Indiana State Police Alliance
The Indiana Association of Chiefs of Police


Iowa Association of Women Police: IaAWP
Iowa Crime Prevention Association
Iowa Corrections Association
Iowa Peace Officers Association
Iowa Paralegal Association
Iowa Police Chiefs Association
Iowa State Sheriffs and Deputies Association
Iowa State Troopers Association
Narcotics Officers Association
The Iowa State Police Association


Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police
Kansas Correctional Association
Kansas Gang Investigators Association
Kansas Narcotics Officers Association
Kansas Paralegal Association
Kansas Peace Officers Association
Kansas Police Dog Association
Kansas Sheriffs’ Association
Kansas State Troopers Association


Kentucky Association of Chiefs of Police
Kentucky Narcotics Officers Association
Kentucky Paralegal Association
Kentucky Peace Officers Association
Kentucky Sheriffs’ Association
Kentucky State Police Professional Association


Magnolia State Peace Officers Association of LA, Inc.
Louisiana Chiefs Association of Police
Louisiana Correctional Association
Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police
Louisiana Narcotics Officers Association
Louisiana Peace Officers Association
Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association
Louisiana State Paralegal Association
Louisiana State Troopers Association
Police Jury Association of Louisiana


Maine Association of Police
Maine Chiefs of Police Association
Maine Police Emerald Society
Maine Sheriffs Association


Maryland Association of Paralegals
Maryland Chiefs of Police Association
Maryland Correctional Administrators Association
Maryland Sheriffs’ Association
Maryland Troopers Association


Irish American Police Officer’s Association of Massachusetts
Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts
Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association
Massachusetts Municipal Police Coalition
Massachusetts Paralegal Association
Massachusetts Police Association
Southeastern Massachusetts Police Chiefs Association
WMCOPA Home – Western Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, Inc.


Crime Prevention Association of Michigan
Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police
Michigan Association of Police Organizations
Michigan Corrections Association
Michigan Sheriffs’ Association
Michigan State Police Troopers Association
Police Officers Association of Michigan
The Michigan Association of Police
West Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police


Minnesota Asian Peace Officers Association
Minnesota Association For Injured Peace Officers
Minnesota Association of Criminal Intelligence Analysts
Minnesota Association of Women Police
Minnesota Chiefs of Police Association
Minnesota Corrections Association
Minnesota Fraternal Order of Police
Minnesota Law Enforcement Explorer Association
Minnesota Paralegal Association
Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association
Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association


Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police
Mississippi Association of Gang Investigators
Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
Mississippi Paralegal Association
Mississippi Sheriffs’ Association
Mississippi State Troopers Association


Missouri Corrections Officers Association
Missouri Fraternal Order of Police
Mississippi Law Enforcement Officer’s Association
Missouri Peace Officers Association
Missouri Police Canine Association
Missouri Police Chiefs Association
Missouri Sheriffs’ Association
Missouri State Troopers’ Association


Association of Montana Troopers
Montana Association of Chiefs of Police
Montana Association of Legal Assistants-Paralegals
Montana Narcotics Officers Association
Montana Police Protective Association
Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
Montana Violent Crime Investigators Association


Nebraska Association of Women Police
Nebraska Fraternal Order of Police
Nebraska Paralegal Association
Nebraska Sheriffs’ Association
Police Officers’ Association of Nebraska (POAN)
Police Chiefs Association of Nebraska


Las Vegas Police Protective Association
Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers
Nevada Corrections Association
Nevada Highway Patrol Association
Nevada Narcotic Officers’ Association
Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association
Nevada State Law Enforcement Officers Association

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police
New Hampshire Police Association
New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association
NH Troopers Association
Paralegal Association of New Hampshire

New Jersey

Italian American Police Society of NJ
New Jersey Gang Investigators Association
New Jersey Juvenile Officers Association (NJJOA)
New Jersey State Police Former Troopers Association
New Jersey State Policemen’s Benevolent Association
New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police
New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association
New Jersey Narcotic Enforcement Officers Association
New Jersey Superior Officers Association
Paralegal Association of New Jersey
Sheriffs Association of New Jersey

New Mexico

New Mexico Fire Chiefs Association
New Mexico Sheriffs’ Association

New York

NY Sheriffs Association
NYS Association of PBAs
New York City Paralegal Association
New York City Police Foundation
New York Gang Investigators Association
New York State Association of Chiefs of Police
Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers
Retired Police Association
State of New York Police Juvenile Officers Association
Volunteer Fire Police Association of the State of New York

North Carolina

Greensboro Police Officers Association
NC Law Enforcement Officers Association
NC Sheriffs’ Association
North Carolina Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators
North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police
North Carolina Law Enforcement Planners & Crime Analysts Association
North Carolina Law Enforcement Women’s Association
North Carolina Narcotics Officers Association
North Carolina Police Executives Association
North Carolina Retired Peace Officers Association

North Dakota

North Dakota Peace Officers Association
North Dakota Sheriff’s & Deputies Association


Cincinnati Paralegal Association
Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
Ohio Crime Prevention Association
Ohio Community Corrections Association
Ohio Law Enforcement K9 Association
Ohio Narcotics Association Regional Coordinating Officers
Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association
Ohio Police Juvenile Officers’ Association
Ohio Search Dog Association
Paralegal Association of Central Ohio


Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police: OACP
Oklahoma Criminal Justice Association
Oklahoma Corrections Professionals
The Oklahoma Gang Investigators Association
Oklahoma Paralegal Association
Oklahoma Sheriffs’ Association
Oklahoma Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association


Oregon Association Chiefs of Police
Oregon Narcotics Enforcement Association
Oregon Paralegal Association
Oregon Peace Officers Association
Oregon Police Canine Association
Oregon State Police Officers Association
Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association


Central Pennsylvania Paralegal Association
Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association
Pennsylvania County Corrections Association
Pennsylvania Fire Police Association
Pennsylvania Gang Investigators Association
Pennsylvania Narcotic Officers’ Association
Pennsylvania Sheriffs’ Association
Pennsylvania State Troopers Association
Retired State Police Association of Pennsylvania

Rhode Island

RI Brotherhood of Correctional Officers
RI Police Chief’s Association
Rhode Island Guardians Association
Rhode Island Paralegal Association
Rhode Island Police Chiefs’ Association
Rhode Island Troopers Association

South Carolina

SC Sheriffs’ Association
South Carolina Correctional Association
South Carolina Gang Investigators Association
South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers’ Association
South Carolina Police Chiefs Association
South Carolina Police K9 Association
South Carolina’s State Association of Crime Prevention Officers
South Carolina Troopers Association
South Carolina Upstate Paralegal Association

South Dakota

South Dakota Corrections Association
South Dakota Paralegal Association
South Dakota Peace Officers Association
South Dakota Sheriffs’ Association


Afro American Police Association Memphis
Southern States Correctional Association
Tennessee Association of Chiefs of Police
Tennessee Gang Investigators Association
Tennessee Sheriffs Association
Tennessee State Troopers Association
Tennessee Narcotics Officers Association
Tennessee Paralegal Association


Austin Police Association
Capital Area Paralegal Association
Dallas Police Association
East Texas Police Chiefs Association: ETPCA
North Texas Police Chiefs Association: NTPCA
Sheriffs’ Association of Texas
Texas Corrections Association
Texas Gang Investigators Association
Texas Narcotic Officers Association
Texas Police Association
Texas Police Chiefs Association
Texas State Troopers Association
Texas System Police Association


Salt Lake Police Association
Utah Chiefs of Police Association
Utah Gang Investigators Association
Utah Paralegal Association
Utah Peace Officer Association
Utah Police Civilian Association
Utah Narcotics Officers Association: UNO
Utah Sheriffs’ Association


Vermont Association of Chiefs of Police
Vermont Paralegal Organization
Vermont Police Association
Vermont Police Canine Association
Vermont Sheriffs’ Association
Vermont Troopers Association


Virginia Correctional Association
Virginia Gang Investigators Association
Virginia Police Canine Association: VPCA
Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
Virginia State Police Association


Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
Washington Council of Police & Sheriffs
Washington Correctional Association
Washington State Law Enforcement Association
Washington State Narcotics Investigators Association
Washington State Paralegal Association
Washington State Patrol Troopers Association
Washington State Police Canine Association: WSPCA
Washington State Sheriffs’ Association

West Virginia

West Virginia Chiefs of Police Association
West Virginia Sheriffs’ Association
West Virginia Troopers Association


Milwaukee Police Association
Dane County Chiefs of Police Association
Madison Professional Police Officers Association
Paralegal Association of Wisconsin, Inc.
Wisconsin Association of Women Police
WISCONSIN Chiefs Of Police Association (WCPA)
Wisconsin Correctional Association
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Association
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Canine Handler Association
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Association, Inc.
Wisconsin Narcotics Officers Association
Wisconsin Professional Police Association
Wisconsin Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs Association
Wisconsin Troopers Benevolent Foundation


Wyoming Association of Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police
Wyoming Highway Patrol Association
Wyoming Peace Officers Association
Wyoming Police Service Dog Association

Police Agencies


POLICE OFFICER Requirements:
– Applicants must be certified by a licensed physician to be in good health and physically fit for the performance of duties.
– Applicants must meet the Police Department’s weight standards.
– Must be at least 19 years of age at the time of application.
– Candidates have status as a Police Officer Trainee while they are in the Training Academy.
– Any Police Officer Trainee who has graduated from the Academy and who is six (6) months away from his/her 21st birthday will be transferred to the Patrol Division to start training. Their classification will be changed from Trainee status to sworn Police Officer status
– According to the Alabama Peace Officer’s Standards and Training Commission, an applicant must have
graduated and received a regular or advanced high school diploma as approved or recognized by the Alabama State Department of Education (see Alabama Administrative Code Rule 290-3-1-02). A certificate of high school equivalency (GED) is acceptable.
– Correspondence or mail order high school diplomas or certificates are not acceptable. Questions concerning a diploma should be addressed to the Alabama Department of Education at 334-242-8059.
– Must have a valid driver’s license and the ability to obtain a valid Alabama Driver’s License prior to
– A basic lateral entry level program is being offered for Certified Police Officers. Call (334)
241-2619 for information.
– Preference will be given to qualified candidates who are APOSTC certified or who have completed
formal Military Police or Federal Law Enforcement Basic Police Training Course.

Birmingham Police Department

POLICE OFFICER Requirements:
– U.S. Citizenship
– Not less than 19 years of age
– High School diploma, G.E.D. Certificate and/or ACT score of 18
– Valid State of Alabama driver’s license
– Pass a Class A physical examination prior to appointment
– No felony convictions
– Good moral character and reputation
– Honorable discharge from armed services

Enterprise Police Department

POLICE OFFICER Requirements: Not found

Madison Police Department

POLICE OFFICER Requirements:
General Requirements
– High school diploma or equivalent
– Must be 21 years of age or older
– Satisfactorily complete all phases of the personnel selection process for Police Officers as established by the City of Madison
– Successfully complete probationary period as a Police Officer
– Possess the required education level or its equivalent in order to perform and comprehend the required knowledge, skills, and abilities
– Possess or have the ability to successfully obtain the State-mandated certification from the Alabama Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission
Physical Requirements
– See well enough to operate a vehicle, read, safely operate a weapon, and observe or detect suspicious activities
– Hear well enough to communicate by radio, telephone, or any other transmitting device
– Speak well enough to communicate your meaning, to address various sized groups, and effectively testify in a courtroom setting
– Possess enough strength to control individuals in physical confrontations when necessary
– Have dexterity of limbs, hands, and fingers to write and use a wide-range of personal protection devices
– Have enough stamina to pass a Police Officer Physical Agility Test to validate physical requirements up to twice a year
– Have sufficient physical stamina and agility to perform physical activities such as climbing up and down stairs, run quickly, and crawl through windows and other spaces
– Be able to sustain activity for the duration of a pursuit or an emergency while using effective judgment, maintaining alertness and awareness, and performing multiple congruent tasks
– Be able to communicate, attend to tasks without distractions, reason effectively, and perceive and discriminate colors, sounds, tastes, odors, depth, and texture
Hiring Process
Requirements Each applicant must successfully complete the following:
– Driving record and criminal history check
– Physical fitness testing
– Standardized written exam
– Oral board review
– Psychological evaluation
– Background investigation
– Medical examination
– Drug screening
– The newly-hired officer attends a 13-week Police Academy, followed by the Field Training Program (FTO). The FTO Program lasts 14 weeks, during which the new officer’s performance is evaluated on a daily basis.

Springville Police Department

POLICE OFFICER Requirements: Not found

Tuscaloosa Police Department

POLICE OFFICER Requirements: Not found


International Police Association

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