Whether a police officer retires from a long career in law enforcement or decides to switch careers, they have developed several skills during their careers that are sought after in the private sector.

Cyber Security Analyst

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Information Security Analysts earn a median salary of $98,350 per year. The job outlook for this profession is outstanding with a projected growth of 28% in the decade from 2016-2026. The demand for qualified cybersecurity analysts will be high with many large corporations requiring professionals to protect their data and customer data from hackers.

Steve Morgan, the Founder and CEO at Cybersecurity Ventures, suggests that former police officers can help fill the cybersecurity labor shortage in the United States. Police officers have a rare combination of experience and skills including an understanding of criminal behavior and investigative experience. Although cybersecurity professionals have traditionally been trained in the college setting, there are now cybersecurity “bootcamps” that provide vocational training in months instead of years.

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